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Posted on 14th November 2015 in Chattin'


Updating my blog this morning and realized my last post was at the end of May. Whoops.

There has been so much going on in my life that I haven’t had time to stop and blog. (or be on the computer for that matter). We have been busy renovating the basement. We have lived here for 19 years and have just got it done. Other priorities. Lack of money. LOL!! Anyway this is what we have been busy doing for the last two years….


We tore out the chimney, put in a new hi efficiency furnace and oil tank; fixed the foundation and gutted the basement and all the panelling. We started off with a blank slate. This slab is where the old oil tank used to sit. It is now the new bathroom.




My new heated Jacuzzi tub. My favorite place to unwind with a glass of wine. 😉


Shower for two with rainhead, body jets and place to sit to shave my legs. So far I’m the only one who has used the shower downstairs. Fine by me… I licked it. It’s mine!! 😛


We finished the basement off with a ton of insulation (floor to ceiling), drywall, trim, paint, a fireplace and hand scraped bamboo floors.


The results are gorgeous. Two years of back breaking labour, curse words and more curse words, callouses and stress. It’s worth it though. That basement is now the warmest part of the house. Three weeks ago we finished the house off and insulated the entire attic. Bloody messy job but the house is warm and we were able to lower the thermostat because we were all complaining it was too hot. LOL!!

Now that construction is done I can finally CLEAN. It’s so dusty. Everywhere….

There is still a Murphy bed to build but that will be a winter project to putter away on. The basement will eventually become our master bedroom. Quiet and peaceful. It helps that the dog is too afraid to go downstairs so the bed won’t be hogged by anything other than myself. 😛

Well that is it for now. I’m going to get back to fixing my computeer. We were hacked a few months back and the hackers got personal information and a slew of other things that they had no business getting into. As a result, we cancelled our debit and credit cards and the computer was wiped and we are starting over. Wiping the slate clean electronically.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Will pop in again sometime soon, I promise.

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4 Responses to “Still alive”

  1. fl_connie says:

    So pretty! So shiny! So jealous! : ) Glad to see your post! Take care!

  2. Shuckclod says:

    Great to see your beautiful new space. Lots of enjoyment to come. Have a wonderful holiday…

  3. Peggy says:

    Love the new bathroom! You guys did a great job.

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