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Posted on 18th June 2016 in Chattin'


I really should know better than to promise to update my blog more often. Today was the first time I’ve had a chance to touch base with KimB. in MONTHS, so I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone so to speak. 😛

We have been busy with work and Julie and her school projects and also this past month was prom. She and her boyfriend looked so nice and she looked so grown up. Ugh.

prom 2016

Next year is “her” prom, so there will be the long dress. I’m sure I will have a damn good cry. Again. LOL!! She’s been super busy with work and driving (that is scary for a parent) and the boyfriend. She’s got one more year of high school and then it’s six years of university to be a French teacher.

Not much is new around here to be honest. All we do it seems is work and truck Julz around to various school things, work things and other things. LOL!! Soon enough she’ll be driving on her own though, so I will tough it out as a taxi until then. 😛 I’m down to four night shifts a week for the summer (by choice). For me the extra day off is worth the drop in pay. Being able to have a little bit of a social life is a bonus too. I’m getting too old to recover completely from nights. It really kicks my butt. More so now than before.

I’ve been busy doing some spring cleaning this weekend and have to get back into it, but before I go, I DID remember to grab some pictures of Cheddar. He’s quite the lazy character. So much fun this boy!!

bed hog

bird bath

70 lb lap dog

Well that’s it for me. Hope everyone has a good weekend!! Mwah!!

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