Sporadic blogging is right….

Posted on 22nd February 2016 in Chattin'

I dug my laptop out of the bottom of the coffee table this morning and noticed I hadn’t blogged since the end of December. Well that is just awesome. NOT.

I had put the laptop away after I HAD to clean the living room as company was coming. Two months later….the living room is tidy, but I am way behind on everything digital. Ha! I logged into one email account and discovered there were over 390 emails in there , so I just deleted everything without looking at anything, otherwise I would still be here days later. Here’s hoping there was nothing earth shattering. My website has been renewed for another two years so I think I’m good….I didn’t notice an email from the company I buy hosting from. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. 😛

We have managed to slog through the last of the drywall and painting in the utility room part of the basement. Hubby also decided to paint the concrete floor because the paint spatters were bothering him. It looks nice and fresh down there. Last night he installed the trim so we can FINALLY start moving the exercise equipment back to where it belong and start putting the enormous collection of tools away. This summer he is hoping to start construction on his workshop (it really is never ending here). He retires in 8 years and wants the shop built and set up for his retirment dream of building custom kitchen cabinets and furniture. He loves to fart around with wood and would be out in the shop all day if he could. Just him and the dog… A few years ago he inherited his uncle’s collecction of tools from his shop and they have been in storage since his passing. He’s getting the itch to bring them home and tinker. I’m looking forward to it as well, mostly to be able to clean out the garage and put a vehicle in there. We have been in this house for 20 years and have never been able to put a car in there. We had a snowmobile in there one winter but that didn’t last long.

We had a lovely quiet weekend. No renos….no cleaning…no company. It was perfect. 😉 It was our 19th wedding anniversary yesterday, so I took the night off of work and we just relaxed for the day and went out to our favorite restaurant, Montana’s, for dinner. Nothing like a feed of BBQ’d dead cow to fill your gut and make you fall asleep on the couch for 9 hours. LOL!!! Lovely and quiet and filled with laughter as we reconnected and reminisced. No matter what we have struggled through over the years, he can make me laugh like no one else I’ve met. 😛

Well I guess that is all the scoop for now. Winter is quiet and boring for us. Too gray and dismal this year. We haven’t had very much snow this year, so we haven’t been out on the snowmobiles this year. Even the dog isn’t in the mood for walks in the bush.

Here’s hoping spring is soon around the corner. I’m itching to plant some flowers and smell freshly cut lawn. If we aren’t going to get snow, then I want green grass….

Wishing everyone a wonderful week! Chat soon!

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  1. fl_connie says:

    Wow! Sounds like you are still as busy as ever! How’s that adorable dog of yours? I still smile when I think of those red boots. Take care!

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