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Woohoo!!! It’s Tuesday and it’s high time I got my arse in gear and linked up with the Random Rebellion with Stacy!!!

  • Holy crap. It’s been almost two weeks since I last blogged. Bad me. I often thought of it but haven’t had a chance…until today. 😛
  • We went to the last of the family Christmas dinners this past Friday. There were 9 adults,3 kids and 6 dogs. Chaotic is a good word. LOL! We filled our faces on turkey, pork tenderloin, sausage and cabbage and a slew of other dishes before we dove into an enormous batch of cannolis. Love it when Italians cook for you. We literally waddled home.
  • Hubby and I ran away from home this past weekend. We got a sitter for the dog and another for the kid and off we went. We left in the morning and spent the day in St. Jacobs, Ont. Off season is definately the time to go. It was a gorgeous mild day out. We walked all over the village and hit a ton of boutiques. There were some great sales. I was lusting after an incredible wrought iron and crystal chandelier and matching lamps for the dining room but it was too rich for my blood at $1200 for the 3 pieces even though it was 40% off. I even got my best friend her Christmas gift. Hee Hee. 😉
  • When we were done shopping we made one last stop to the fudge shop and stocked up on fudge and handmade truffles before heading to our hotel in Kitchener. We made reservations through Hotwire. It was apparently a 4 star hotel. Yeah. No. Barely made a 2 star in my opinion. What a dump. We had fun none the less. We went out for nice relaxing dinner and then came back,had a few drinks & entertained ourselves for a few hours if you know what I mean. 😉
  • We checked out in the morning, went and had breakfast and then headed back to Hamilton to pick up the dog and the daughter . We had a lovely relaxing weekend with no dog and no daughter. However no laundry or dishes were done either so I had a mountain of both to tackle when we got home. I still am not done the laundry…
  • Our daughter went back to school yesterday after Christmas break was done. She puts in a full week and then has Monday off because of a PD day. We aren’t amused.
  • I finally got my new webcam today and got it set up as well as Skype. Ridiculously easy setup (compared to 10 years ago. It will be a breeze Connie…) 😀

Well the dishes are done and I am feeling sleepy so I think it’s time to get a cat on my lap and have a snooze before work tonight. Later!! xox

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4 Responses to “Randomosity”

  1. Kendra says:

    I’m glad you stopped by! I also hadn’t posted in over 2 weeks. It’s the holiday drought! Fudge sounds delicious though. Now I want some!
    Kendra recently posted..RTT: Massage thoughts and craziness that is when a new mom goes back to workMy Profile

  2. Ummaro says:

    Oh, St. Jacobs sounds wonderful! I love those little towns, even if they are tourist traps, LOL. And now I want FUDGE, dammit! Glad you had some time for yourselves and to get away for a bit…it always goes by too fast too…
    I’m glad you’re home and back in the groove though…I missed your posts…

  3. Rachel M. says:

    Sounds like a lovely weekend!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!
    Rachel M. recently posted..Random TuesdayMy Profile

  4. Gretchen says:

    I am so jealous of your getaway! Sounds like so much fun!
    Gretchen recently posted..WWTK Wednesday – Argh!My Profile

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