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Morning folks!

This has been a really painful week here. It’s been raining all week for starters but to add injury to insult I slipped on the wet deck getting the dog and fell. I landed on my elbow of my bad arm with the tendonitis and have been suffering since. It feels like I pulled some muscles and sprained my hand. I have been icing it and taking Aleve before bed in the hope I can sleep but at most I am getting 3 1/2 hours. I may have to take Bean’s advice and go in to the doctor shrieking about no sleep and pain and see if he will finally give me something other than “ibuprofen will take care of it“. Ibuprofen is definately NOT even touching it so I need something else. I am keeping my arm as immobile as possible but it still hurts like a bugger even when not moving. My designing is going to have to take a step on the back burner until my arm is feeling better. I am 4 weeks through the waiting list for my physio. Only another 4 more weeks to go. I hate this.

I managed to get Kim’s color challenge done while my arm was in a sling. Getting that done made me realize how much pain I am really in and that I have to stop temporarily. It took me forever but I like the end result. I hope you do too.

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Have a great weekend and we’ll chat soon!

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24 Responses to “Ouch”

  1. Da Poohba says:

    Mornin Sweets!

    So sorry to hear about your arm. I hope that it’s feeling better soon. And hope you can get some better drugs. Ibuprofen only works on some things, not sprains and such.

    Survived my time with the girls…..barely. Wow, that was a real eye opener. But I loved every minute of it and wouldn’t change it for a thing. But there is something to be said for your own pillow.

    Off to work today and then the camper tomorrow. And of course the 1 weekend I get to go down there it’s gonna be like 40 all weekend. Oh well. Enjoy your weekend too. And feel better.


    oh yeah, LOVE the freebie today!!!!
    .-= Da Poohba´s last blog ..Wishing you……. =-.

  2. I like me some dat Alieve. Sho, doo!

    Its a wonder on hurts. I put it with a few benadryl when I’m sore and out goes the lights! ZZZZ! I think you have more that just hurts with your Lucky Arm…more like a curse!! Who’s putting pins in your voodoo doll, sister? That is what I’d like to know!

    Awesome Papers GF!!

    I will keep you in mind while I do Dorkus Yoga this afternoon! WHOOT!



  3. makeyesup says:

    Oh so sorry to hear about the arm. Hope that you get some relief soon and you didn’t do more damage to it.

  4. Nora says:

    Awww, Sweetie, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re hurting like this. I hope that all this waiting isn’t doing more damage to the tissue & when they do get to ya, they’re able to fix it.

    Thanks for the beautiful papers. I just LOVE blues & browns and I can already see some of these on Father’s day cards – I’ll let ya know when I get some made up so you can come by & peek.

    Big, soft, squishy cyber {{{{{{hugs}}}}}} to you, my friend!
    .-= Nora´s last blog ..‘Bout Time! =-.

  5. Cindyrelly says:

    Ouch… You’re making my elbow hurt just thinking about it 🙁 I hope they can get you something stronger! For sure when you start the physio cause that is gonna hurt 🙁

    Take Care of yourself… and have a great weekend, hopefully you will get some sun now since we are finally supposed to get some rain down here in FLA!

    Thanks for the Gorgeous Papers too!!!
    .-= Cindyrelly´s last blog ..Love’s Remembrance a DSS Feb ’10 CC Freebie Kit =-.

  6. MoosieD says:

    Sorry to hear about your arm. You need to immobilise it as much as possible (and unfortunately working on a PC with a mouse is the worst thing for arm/hand injuries) as it puts major strain on the muscles. I slipped and injured my wrist two years ago and torn the ligament and cartilege (sp?). If you can get meds called Synap Forte that is what helped me through a year or so of pain before the doctors operated and sorted me out.

    Thanks so much for the gorgeous papers – now please stay off the PC and rest. May God bless you and speed up your healing!

  7. Kirsten says:

    I do hope you will get better soon! Thank you so much for the kit!

  8. Cherbear says:

    Thank you for the papers! Love the colors.

  9. fl_connie says:

    The papers are beautiful (and thanks!) – but what’s up with that arm? Sure it isn’t broken? Maybe you should listen to Bean – really! ((Hugs)) and get better soon!

  10. Carol A. says:

    So sorry about the arm! Definitely, take it easy! I know you will be itchin to get back to the creativity, but take care of yourself first! Thanks for the freebie! Love those colors!

  11. mskinsey says:

    Wow, I sympathize with you 100%. Arm injuries and pains are the pits. I’m so sorry that you are going through this. You must be feeling mighty flusterated right about now, especially since it’s taking so long to get any kind of relief. Come on down to see me … there’s some doctors in the USVI who hand out meds willy-nilly. 😛

    Thank you for the lovely freebie papers. I am an absolute paper freak and have been since I was ten years old or so. Paper is like fonts … one can never have enough. LOL!

  12. LianeZ says:

    Thanks for the Freebie. Sorry you’re out of commission, sound like you need to see the doc and raise h*** if he doesn’t get you some relief or a shorted wait for the physio. I learned a long time ago, the hard way, if you don’t get on with the docs fire them and get one you like. That doesn’t mean a patsy that will give you what you want just cause you want it, but one who will work with you to get you what you need and what is right for you. Good luck with the doc but go! – LianeZ

  13. Terri - Hawaii says:

    Oh noooo you poor thing. When you wrote about your fall it reminded me immediately of the falls I’ve had in the past too. I know how you feel and believe me, that Dr. doesn’t know what he’s talking about just giving you Ibup. I mean if you in so much pain and you’ve told him the stuff he gave you isn’t working, then HELLO wake up Doc and give her something real. I’m sorry but I get frustrated with these Drs. and some of them being so damn paranoid about giving patients “drugs” for pain when they need them. We are not all getting high off of these things. Anyway, I’m sorry you got hurt and even more sorry you are so limited in your craft. It must be driving you nuts. Take care though, it’s important you get well…that’s an ORDER (saying actually very gently–hehe). Thanks for the pretty papers…and know how much we all appreciate it because of what you went through to get them done and share with us. Keep us posted and if the stupid Dr doesn’t want to give you something stronger….I guess I can go into my statsh and share a couple..LMAO…ha! Hugs!!

  14. Norma says:

    Thanks for the great papers. Hope you heal quickly & feel better soon.

  15. Scrapcat4914 says:

    Morning Sweety!!!!!!!!
    Your as accident prone as I am!!!! LOL
    I fell again out in my front flowerbed thankfully this time in the bed & not the strones but boy am I hurting!!!!
    I never know when my knee will give out & now the wet weather pain!!!!!!!!
    SO REST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TY so very much for your AWESOME contribution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    .-= Scrapcat4914´s last blog ..EASTER DIVA!!!!!!!! =-.

  16. Maggy says:

    Thanks for this lovely kit. So sorry to hear about your arm. Hope you manage to get some relief very soon – Hugs – Maggy

  17. Sue says:

    This is lovely! Thank you!

    I’m sorry to hear you hurt your already painful arm. I hope you can see someone soon so you can feel better and sleep better.
    .-= Sue´s last blog ..Special Gifts =-.

  18. terri says:

    The papers are gorgeous!!! Hope your feeling better soon!

  19. Joanne K says:

    Hey Kristine: Get your butt to the doctor, and if he doesn’t do something positive, like order new xrays or whatever, take yourself to the emergency room!! Better yet, get an ambulance, cuz then they HAVE to pay attention!! If something is broken or twisted, you certainly do NOT want it healing wrong!!

    Thank you so much for the gorgeous papers!! They are so rich and elegant!

  20. Sounds like you aggravated the old injury & are back to square 1 with healing – once after 3 months physio for tendonitis in my shoulder & fell & the physiotherapist told me I had undone all the treatment in that one fall. Nag your doctor til you are taken seriously since pain interfers with the body’s ability to heal & ongoing unrelenting pain is both physiologically & psychologically damaging & you need help.
    Thank you for soldiering through the pain to complete the challenge & thank you for posting the link on the blog. So many are only leaving the download links with the picture in the gallery & some of us can’t seem to get into the gallery. I’m missing out on all those goodies & extra appreciate yours.
    Like Terri from Hawaii I wish I could give you a couple of prescription strength pills from my ‘stash’. Don’t like you being in such pain.
    .-= Mary C aka clikpic´s last blog ..Quick Page set & tag with Yesterday’s Love =-.

  21. simona says:

    The result is wonderful but you’d better keep care of yourself. So sit there and relax and use the arm only to grab a cup of tea or coffee, whatever you prefer!
    .-= simona´s last blog ..RAK from Laura =-.

  22. txgwen says:

    Sorry to hear about your arm – hope it’s feeling better by now. Thanks for the wonderful paper pack!

  23. bsilvia says:

    I liked your papers and I just had to include it into my favorite top 20 paper pack freebies on Digital Scrapbooking Source

    Keep up the great work!
    .-= bsilvia´s last blog ..Digital Stamps (Photoshop Brushes) and Fabric Design =-.

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