Gorgeous weather…to blog?

Posted on 30th May 2015 in Chattin'


It’s stinkin’ hot outside. Sunny and fabulous outside. However…it is also humid as all hell and I’m sitting inside , nice and cool with the fans going, blogging.

Weirdo is me. LOL!!

Whatever. I’m over it. 😛

It’s been a crazy busy month here as usual. My daugher is almost done Grade 10 and is swamped down with ISU’s, studying and exams in two weeks. She’s also been everywhere with three school trips and dance rehearsals for the end of year recital in three weeks. Add into the mix her part time job and my working nights and it makes for a very hectic schedule. Some weeks we don’t see each other very much but manage to keep in touch by text daily.

My mom had major surgery last week so I have been driving my brother nuts with texts for news and updates as my father cannot figure out mom’s cellphone. LOL!! She’s home and on the mend but it will be six weeks before she’s back to her old self. She will feel better next week I’m sure when she gets all the staples out.

What else is new? Lots of progress going on in the bathroom reno. The tiling is 90% done and now I have to pick a paint color. It looks pretty but I am really anxious to get this done and get the damn mess in the basement cleaned up. It’s been two year of chaos and dust from the first day he started tearing out the chimney. *rolling eyes*

I’m in the middle of installing Photoshop on my laptop so I’m looking forward to playing and regaining some peace and sanity. It’s been a long two years since I have created anything and I have missed it terribly.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Off to take the punk to work!!

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