Gettin festive!!

Posted on 5th December 2015 in Chattin'

Good morning!!

It’s 5:53am here. Stupid early but I am enjoying coffee in peace and quiet with the cat on my lap by the lights of the Christmas tree. It’s so peaceful….

This is hands down my favorite time of the year. I am ahead of the game this year for a change too. I’d say 85% of the gifts are bought (mind you this Christmas will be smaller as we spent a ton of money on the basement.) The house is sort of decorated too. I opted to NOT put out the majority of the festive clutter this year. Instead I chose to DE-clutter by pitching a tub full of decorations I never use. The closets are  a work in progress. You don’t realize how much crap you have until you decide to pitch it. I opted to not even bother sorting it either, otherwise I will nevr get rid of anything so it all went in the dumpster. All the craft crap, clothes, stuff I’ve just shoved in the cold cellar (saving it for when Julz goes to college…I’ve been saving shit for 20 years. Ha!). I threw out a ton of stuff and more will be going. Good therapy. It was hard at first but it got a lot easier.

Julie and her boyfriend decorated the trees for me this year. They did the upstairs tree in white and silver and the downstairs tree is covered in all my homey collections.


(ignore her traditional pose in front of the tree. I tease her that it looks likes she’s going for a dump in the woods.) LOL!! In this house, the elf hats are mandatory for tree decorating. This is the first year I have allowed balls on the tree. It’s my quirk. I hate them but on the this tree I’m good with it. LOL!!

We are a little weird around here. 😛


This one has no “balls” on it. Every year I get a new ornament. I love snowmen and Santas most of all. My husband collects Nutcrackers. They are all on there.

So far the cat has left everything alone. Just watch. Now she will play hockey with everything she can pull down. I should have kept my mouth shut perhaps. 😛

I still have wrapping to do but there isn’t much to wrap. Mostly it’s stocking stuffers and I don’t wrap those. The only thing left to get are a pair of jammies for my daughter from the animals. I’m heading out today to grab those. Christmas cards are done and mailed. I’m doing very little baking this year. All we do is eat it….and then I have to remake the goodies. I will do a few of our favorites and freeze them but that is it.

Well that is the scoop for this week (holy crap. Two posts in a month?! LOL!!)

Here’s wishing everyone a great week!!


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