It’s my favorite time of the year!!!

Posted on 2nd October 2016 in Chattin'



After a brutally hot, humid summer (don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed every moment in the pool), the cooler weather of fall is here. Sweaters, bonfires, MacIntosh apples, cider, Thanksgiving dinner and tolerable hot flashes. 😛 We closed the pool for the season a few weeks ago and personally I am enjoying the cooler temps, being able to be outside without getting sunburned and all the rain that we did NOT get during the spring and summer. Finally in late September and October, the lawn is green. It will be short lived but I don’t care. It smells wonderful. Earthy and crisp. The leaves have started to turn and that means crunchy leaves. Cannot wait!!


Thanksgiving in Canada is this coming weekend. Hubby works all weekend so instead we will celebrate the following week. A friend from work will be joining us for the feasting. Her hubby is working weekends as well. She’s bringing her homemade caramel apple pie. Sounds incredible. Can’t go wrong with friends, family, bacon wrapped turkey, dessert and a little wine. 😀

The only thing new on the home front is that I am looking for a new job. I work straight night shifts and for the last 8 months I have had ONE unbroken sleep. I am a walking zombie and I am so stressed out. I am tired of people who can’t be bothered doing their jobs, leaving it to me to clean up. I hit my breaking point this past week. I updated the resume and picked up some applications. I may or may not find something, but until I do, I still have this job. I’ll just be adopting the same attitude as everyone else. NOT MY PROBLEM. I’m too old for this shit….

Well that’s all the scoop for now. Back to folding laundry and getting ready for a new week. Chat soon!

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