Random R & R

Posted on 18th March 2014 in Chattin', Random Tuesday Thought

I am currently enjoying day 2 of some much needed R & R…

Our store is getting completely gutted and overhauled which will take anywhere from 4-6 weeks. There is no night shift in the trailer, so I opted to take the layoff. Heavenly. I could have bumped onto day shift for two weeks to do the bake there until the baker came back from mat leave, but I decided my sanity was more important and wanted a full break from all the drama. LOL!

What am I planning to do? Clean, bake, listen to hubby tear out the chimney, clean up his mess and catch up on some much needed sleep. I fell asleep on the couch last night and got 9 unbroken hours of the magic stuff. First time in ages that I have had more than four hours. I will take it.

I am scheduled to go back the Wednesday before Easter if there are no complications in construction. Ha. As of yesterday there were already complications and construction hadn’t even started.

Whatever. I will take whatever I can get and enjoy every damn minute of it.

It doesn’t get any more random than that folks. 😀


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Random Brain Drain

Posted on 28th February 2012 in Random Tuesday Thought

Ro? I have to tell you that this cracked me up SO bad last night I scared the cats.

I had to snag it. ROFL!!

It’s a quiet afternoon here. I just woke up about a half hour ago. I’m slurping on my first coffee of the day with a purring cat on my lap.

I’ve had a really ROUGH week last week with work. Last week I was training the first of two people. The kid was very personable but he’s more of a talker than a worker. He kept stressing about his hair (buddy? I can’t see your hair. You have a hairnet on and a visor. I REALLY don’t give a rat’s ass about your damn hair..). Needless to say when they decided to knock it off with the training and “throw him to the wolves” to get some experience, he sucked…. By the end of last week I was in tears & ready to quit. They gave me a day off to rest up because on Sunday I was scheduled to start training “Buddy With The Hair”s girlfriend. That girl is a natural worker. You show her once and she’s got it. She did 70% of the night’s bake by herself. My boss decided after one day’s training she was a natural and was intelligent enough to figure out how to do things herself. Customer Service is where this chick excels. She’s in tonight and tomorrow by herself. I don’t see a problem there. If she does get overwhelmed I will be very surprised.

The weekend was mostly uneventful in that I had I had to work Friday night. It was very rough for other reasons but that’s par for the course it seems lately. Friday afternoon my daughter came home from school sobbing because of classmate of hers has passed away that morning. She was heartsore. 🙁 She had an appt. to get her haircut and by the end of the appt. the owner of the salon Gary, had her laughing and cheered that sad little face right up. We thanked him with an ice cream sundae. He was THRILLED. 🙂 Saturday night, my husband worked which was good. He and I fought all afternoon. He was behaving like a bloody two year old I wanted to tear his nuts off and shove them down his throat. Made my only day off miserable. My daughter had to babysit so I actually had the house to myself for a few hours. I was looking forward to having the TV remote to myself and an evening of Jason Statham movies. I just plopped myself on the couch with a pot of coffee and the remote when hubby calls wanting me to record the UFC fights for him while he’s at work. Seriously? You’re not even here and you are STILL ruining my evening off…So much for my relaxing night. I cleaned the house in anger instead. ROFL! Sunday my daughter was sick all day. Yesterday I got woken up by the school to come get her. She was all grey with violet shadows under eyes with a dandy fever. She’s full of the cold. Her head and chest are full of congestion. The vaporiser is our friend at night. She has to babysit again this afternoon for a few hours so we’ll see how it goes. The school hasn’t called today so I will assume she’s toughing it out. The next two weeks are busy with various functions. In two weeks my hubby and daughter and his aunt are heading to the Ottawa Valley for his grandmother’s surprise 90th birthday. She’s in failing health so they want to be there for that. I am staying put because our neighbor Ryan is moving up north and the neighbors are throwing him a going away dinner. He’s been an awesome neighbor and friend and seeing as how I suggested the dinner, I should stay put to host the damn thing. LOL I have a feeling March will just fly by…

Well that’s it for me for this week. I have a ton of stuff to do before I pick up my daughter at 5:30 so I better get ‘er done. Have a great week!!~


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Random Tuesday!

Posted on 21st February 2012 in Random Tuesday Thought

This will be my shortest Random Tuesday I think….

Today is my 15th wedding anniversary!!! We had both been married before and both had come out of BAD relationships and were NOT looking to get involved with anyone. Both of us were gun shy. Mutual friends set us up on a date and we went more or less to shut Mott up. LOL. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we went out again and again. We’ve been together a total of 18 years and after thinking about a wedding, we just said screw it and eloped.Here’s our wedding picture..

There hasn’t been one day that he hasn’t made my heart go pitty-pat and made me laugh until I couldn’t breathe. It’s been a wonderful ride and I am looking forward to spending another 30 years with this man.

Just goes to show you that when it’s “right” it will happen whether you are ready or not…

(told you it would be short) LOL! Link up with Stacy for some more random fun!!

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Posted on 24th January 2012 in Random Tuesday Thought

Read more about this..

Time to link up with Stacy’s Random Rebellion!

I am so ridiculously tired I can’t find the energy to post anything remotely random.

How sad..

The last two nights I have gone into work with not enough sleep and no nap. It made for a shift that dragged slower than molasses and me yawning my face off at midnight. Not good when my shift doesn’t end until 7am. 🙁

I came home to a kitchen floor covered in dog puke. I wasn’t amused. Hubby was at work and daughter was standing there hollering Ewwwwwwwwwwwww. Cleaning that up was NOT what I wanted to do before going to bed. Just sayin’…

I am still in my jammies, slurping a coffee but Boobles the cat has popped into my lap purring her little face off. I see a nap coming up very shortly. I can’t stay awake when she gets on my lap and she knows it.ROFL!

Is it me or is this week dragging?

I may have to do a random post on the weekend. When I’m awake and possibly liquored up….


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Random Coffee Needing…

Posted on 17th January 2012 in Random Tuesday Thought

It’s 3pm and I just woke up. My brain is not functioning yet.

Need. Coffee. Now.

Go link up with Stacy...

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Posted on 10th January 2012 in Random Tuesday Thought

Woohoo!!! It’s Tuesday and it’s high time I got my arse in gear and linked up with the Random Rebellion with Stacy!!!

  • Holy crap. It’s been almost two weeks since I last blogged. Bad me. I often thought of it but haven’t had a chance…until today. 😛
  • We went to the last of the family Christmas dinners this past Friday. There were 9 adults,3 kids and 6 dogs. Chaotic is a good word. LOL! We filled our faces on turkey, pork tenderloin, sausage and cabbage and a slew of other dishes before we dove into an enormous batch of cannolis. Love it when Italians cook for you. We literally waddled home.
  • Hubby and I ran away from home this past weekend. We got a sitter for the dog and another for the kid and off we went. We left in the morning and spent the day in St. Jacobs, Ont. Off season is definately the time to go. It was a gorgeous mild day out. We walked all over the village and hit a ton of boutiques. There were some great sales. I was lusting after an incredible wrought iron and crystal chandelier and matching lamps for the dining room but it was too rich for my blood at $1200 for the 3 pieces even though it was 40% off. I even got my best friend her Christmas gift. Hee Hee. 😉
  • When we were done shopping we made one last stop to the fudge shop and stocked up on fudge and handmade truffles before heading to our hotel in Kitchener. We made reservations through Hotwire. It was apparently a 4 star hotel. Yeah. No. Barely made a 2 star in my opinion. What a dump. We had fun none the less. We went out for nice relaxing dinner and then came back,had a few drinks & entertained ourselves for a few hours if you know what I mean. 😉
  • We checked out in the morning, went and had breakfast and then headed back to Hamilton to pick up the dog and the daughter . We had a lovely relaxing weekend with no dog and no daughter. However no laundry or dishes were done either so I had a mountain of both to tackle when we got home. I still am not done the laundry…
  • Our daughter went back to school yesterday after Christmas break was done. She puts in a full week and then has Monday off because of a PD day. We aren’t amused.
  • I finally got my new webcam today and got it set up as well as Skype. Ridiculously easy setup (compared to 10 years ago. It will be a breeze Connie…) 😀

Well the dishes are done and I am feeling sleepy so I think it’s time to get a cat on my lap and have a snooze before work tonight. Later!! xox

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Random wreckage…

Posted on 27th December 2011 in Random Tuesday Thought

Actually the wreckage isn’t too bad.

  • The tree is still up but I am sick of the clutter so I imagine it will be coming down in the next day or two. We have stuffed stashed in various rooms to make room for Christmas crap. I want my house back to normal.
  • I had a very lazy holiday season. Got into my jammies when I got home from work on the 23rd and basically stayed in one set or another until an hour before I left for work last night. I was exhausted. I refused to go anywhere. I drove Julie to a friend’s for sleepover on the 23rd(in my jammies) and picked her up on Christmas Eve in a clean pair of jammies (because I just got out of a long hot bubble bath).
  • Considering how naughty I was this year, Santa was good to me. 😉 I got a new computer chair, new dishes, a crepe pan (better learn how to make the suckers) and an appt to have heated seats installed in my truck.
  • I am sooo looking forward to having a toasty hiney when I get off work in the morning.
  • The kid made out like a bandit with gift cards, money, new lamps for her room as well as a computer desk & a laptop.
  • We haven’t seen her for two days. LOL
  • I made a delicious maple glazed ham for the 3 of us. Holy crap was it ever good.
  • Maybe this weekend I’ll do turkey. I missed stuffing this year.
  • One thing I learned this Christmas is to very careful texting. Hubby and I were happily sexting each other. He wasn’t replying to one of my texts so I fired off another one and sent it. To my DAUGHTER. *crickets* (Connie I can hear you laughing your arse off in Arnprior). She fired off a text to me and I quote “EWWWWWWWWW. MOTHER!!! WHAT THE HECK!!!!! SCARRED FOR LIFE!!”
  • Yeah babe…so am I. *face palm* I had a bugger of a time facing her ….
  • She wanted to discuss the contents of my text. I wasn’t having THAT conversation…. 😛
  • Hubby went back to work on Boxing Day and so did I. New Years he has to work too (first one in 22 years) so I am staying put while Julie has a friend over. We’ll nosh on garlic cheddar shrimp and play the game of Life. No texting that night. LOL
  • We are counting down until our weekend getaway on Jan 7th. Kids don’t go back to school until Jan 9th so we will be MORE than ready for running away from home..

That’s it from my house. Pretty laid back. Time to link up with Stacy and join the Random Rebellion!


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Random Brain Farts….

Posted on 13th December 2011 in Random Tuesday Thought
  • 12 more days until Christmas. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! (even my blog is dressed for the occasion) LOL
  • I have absolutely No baking although in my defense I have been so bloody busy I haven’t had time.
  • My Nanny’s favorite thing was seeing people’s houses decorated for Christmas. It’s one of my favorites too. Christmas this year won’t be the same without her but we have wonderfully, funny memories of her and her pink feathered Christmas tree. 😀
  • I am so LOVING all the Christmas music on the radio! Right now I am singing (badly I might add ) to Rocking Around The Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee.
  • I love Dean Martin  and Frank Sinatra at Christmas and Rascall Flatts too…
  • I need to make a Christmas playlist. What are your favorites?
  • My coffee cup is empty. That will never do…

Link up with the Random Rebellion with Stacy and gang! It’s a blast!!


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So Random!!!!!

Posted on 29th November 2011 in Random Tuesday Thought

It’s that time of the week again to join the Random Rebellion with Stacy!!! Yeeehawwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

  • Gretchen has no idea how much she made my day when I got home from a rough night at work. I was reading her blog this morning, smiling to myself and then it ended with one of my favorite songs EVER. Journey’s “Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’. ” . Love that band. Love the song (almost as much as Wheel in the Sky which my all time favorite by that band…). Thank you Gretchen for brightening up my day! Mwah!!
  • My boss made my day yesterday. She was in the States shopping for Black Friday and brought me back 2 cans of Easy Cheese. I love that stuff. Aerosol and nitrates. Yum. ROFL!!
  • I had hotdogs for breakfast yesterday with my Easy Cheese. 😀
  • I’m 95% done my Christmas shopping. Now to wrap.
  • I just took a White Chocolate Raspberry cheesecake out of the oven. Complete pain in the ass to make but it will be so yummy. After it cools I will be spreading the rest of the raspberry coulis on it and covering it in more white chocolate and fresh raspberries.  I made it for a friend’s surprise birthday party tomorrow night. 😉
  • I am not going to test my blood sugar for about 3 days after we eat this thing because my levels will probably be 3 times higher than they should. LOL!
  • All this running around for the holidays as well as Julie’s activities are wearing me out. I think there is something going on every single day of December until we leave for my mom’s.
  • I have a sneaking suspicion my work schedule is about to get upside down again (working weekends etc. I am not volunteering to do weekends. Screw that.) There are issues with the weekend baker and they have no one else. FML.
  • I should really get out of my jammies but I am too lazy right now.
  • I should really get something to eat too. Perhaps more hotdogs? 😛

That’s it from me. Short and sweet this week. Have a good one! Back to Gretchen’s to listen to Journey….

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Holy crap it’s Random Tuesday

Posted on 22nd November 2011 in Random Tuesday Thought

and I am soooo not prepared..LOL!!  Time to get my ass in gear and link up with Stacy for some Random Rebellion!

So far this has been a great day. I woke up at 3pm, made a pot of coffee and have a cat on my lap who is purring so hard there are wee snot bubbles coming out of her nose. Apparently she is very happy today…

I should be making supper but I don’t feel like it yet. I think tonight we’ll be doing leftovers. This will not amuse my daughter. She can pour herself cereal…

I treated myself and bought myself a printer this past Sunday. It’s an HP Officejet 4 in 1 (printer, copier, scanner & fax). I haven’t had a printer for two years now and it was on sale for $50. I couldn’t turn it down.

Last weekend I spent 7 hours de-cluttering 1 closet in my office. I threw out 3 garbage bags of crap, filled my truck with Salvation Army donations, have a full box of paper to be shredded and purged, purged, purged….

I also found $22… 😀

I was thoroughly disgusted with myself that the closet was THAT bad but it was therapeutic to clean it out and pitch stuff out. Still have 3 more closets to do. LOL

I have to format Julie’s old desktop this weekend. She is currently using the laptop in her room. A friend of mine is taking the desktop for her young lad along with the scanner. All she needs to buy is a mouse. The rest of it was free. She was thrilled. I’m glad to get it out of my house. LOL

I’m putting the Christmas tree up this weekend in the living room but not decorating it until probably Sunday night when Julie gets home from her aunt and uncle’s..If I decorated it without her she would be beyond pissed….

I fully intend to milk some chores out of this before she’s allowed near the decorations though. She’s been seriously slacking in pitching in around the house….

I so happy the colder weather is here. This morning I had to scrape off the truck. It was -6*C out (21*F). Crisp and cold and GREAT sleeping weather. All we need now is snow..

I am starting to get into the Christmas spirit even though I have to work Christmas night. I have no interest in doing much baking other than truffles. We are making a flying trip up to my mom’s to deliver gifts and to see Steve’s grandma who is in seriously failing health. I haven’t been to my hometown in over a year. Very unlike me. I usually go every 3 months or so. This however has been a very busy year. Getting a full time job seriously cramped my leisure time. ROFL!..

Well that’s it for me. Off to make supper and get some Christmas cards done. I LOVE Christmas cards!!! 😉

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