Posted on 23rd May 2014 in Chattin', Freebie

Have you ever had one of those weeks from hell? Been there this week. All I need now is the damn t-shirt. LOL

To kick off TGIF, I’m slurping on fresh coffee, kicking back in bare feet and giving away a freebie 😛

kp-SummerTreatClick here to download or the preview 😀

Have a great weekend!!


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Last Summerfling

Posted on 31st August 2013 in Freebie

Seems fitting that on Labor Day weekend, I am giving you the last of the Summerfling kit. Honestly I did NOT plan it that way. 😛 School starts on Tuesday and I have one very excited kid waiting to go to high school. (we’ll see how long that lasts. LOL!)


You can grab it here:

I’m off. I have a ton of stuff to do before this afternoon’s engagement BBQ and then work tonight. Have a great long weekend!!

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Playing “catch up”

Posted on 25th August 2013 in Freebie, GS Creations, Kim. B

My enjoyable summer schedule of only working 4 days a week is done and now I’m back to my usual five. For those new to my blog, I work straight nights (11pm to 7am). That extra day off helped immensely for catching up on sleep or just doing housework. It actually felt like I had two days off rather than one. This coming week is screwier than usual as I am also working a shift on the weekend. Awesome . Not.

Our schedule this week is brutal. The daughter has something going on EVERY day until next Sunday. School starts back on Tuesday and this year is a big year for her as she’s in high school this year. The back to school shopping is all done, clothes are bought (she decided she didn’t need a whole lot. New socks and undies today at Walmart 😛 ), shoes and backpack are purchased. I didn’t end up spending as much as I thought I would so that was a bonus. My buddy and co-worker Russ came with us and he thought it was funny how she chose everything with bright colors and nothing matches. The backpack is hilarious. So bright. Almost burns my eyes. We still have to buy a winter coat but I’ll wait until the cooler weather gets here. Her feet are bigger since June and she’s filling out now. She can wear a size 1 jean. She was so excited. I started to laugh and said that was one of my thighs. LOL! Only thing left to do is a hair cut and that is scheduled for Tuesday.

Our plans for Saturday got a real kick in the rear when hubby forgot he had other plans and invited company over. LOL. I went and finished my shopping and he stayed to entertain. When I got back I visited for about a half hour then company left. We then went out for supper and watched a crappy movie. (the Colony. Nothing like frozen zombie things to make your night. I love Laurence Fishburne but this was creepy and lame. After that we watched Olympus Has Fallen. MUCH better. Love me some Gerard Butler.)Next weekend he is doing what he was supposed to be doing with his buddy. What a knob. LOL!

OK enough gabbing . Let’s show you what I have to show you shall we?! LOL!

Kim B has new goodies in her stores this week. If you missed her Designer’s Feature kit last weekend you can grab it this weekend for 20% off!


Free with kit purchase bonus:


Also in her SugarHill Co store she has two new CU products 😉

Bloomers 31


Pats & Prints – Damask 4



Loucee Creations has a new set of satin flowers in her store as well.


Not to be outdone, Gaye of GS Creations has two new releases in her store!



Love her patterns to bits!! 😉

Well that is it for me. (only took me two days to do this blog post. Ha!) My hell week at work start tonight, so I’m going to have as lazy of a day as I can.

Here’s the next bit of Summerfling

Summerfling Element 1


Have a great weeks folks!

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Summerfling Pt 5

Posted on 17th August 2013 in Freebie

Good morning!!

I had planned on posting this last night but apparently my brain had other plans. I got comfy on the couch with the cat and next thing I knew I woke up 8 hours later. Apparently I was tired. LOL!!

I had a good day yesterday. Got the groceries done by 8am and made a huge batch of potato bacon soup and also the cheesecake for tonight’s pajama party. We are having chocolate peanut butter brownie bottom cheesecake. (picture linked to recipe)


It seriously tastes like a Reece’s peanut butter cup.Can’t wait!!

OK, here’s the next bit to the Summerfling freebie.

Summerfling Element 1

You can grab it at Mediafire.

OK enough of that. I have a busy day today. I have a house to tidy up and a ton of laundry to catch up on. My husband and daughter come back home tomorrow. Can’t wait. I haven’t seen my daughter since August 1st! The animals will go bonkers for sure!! So much to do…..

Have an awesome day!!

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Summerfling continued

Posted on 13th August 2013 in Freebie

Morning! (well it’s technically 9pm but it’s morning for me)

I’m heading out to work in about an hour (I will contain my enthusiasm. LOL). As promised, here’s the next bit of the kit 😀

Summerfling Element 1

You can download it here:

See you Friday for the next bit!!

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Lazy morning

Posted on 9th August 2013 in Freebie

Good Morning on this lazy Friday!

It won’t be lazy for long but now I will soak up the quiet. 😛 Last night hubby and I went out for our “date night”. We drove into the city and went to a restaurant that I’ve been wanting to go to for a while now. They do amazing sushi and a slew of Asian dishes. I’m actually amazed hubby agreed to go. He likes Chinese food but only in a buffet. I’m the one that likes to try different foods. My “meat & potatos” man ordered Korean short ribs with shrimp and a heaping side of kimchi. (spicy as all get out but delicious. Strangely he liked it too). I had Shanghai noodles heaped with crab, shrimp and squid. So, so yummy!!! We will definitely be going back. There is an amazing tapas menu as well. I’m looking forward to taking my daughter for lunch where she can sample away. After dinner we went to Staples and picked up ALL the back to school supplies. The only thing left to get is the backpack and Julz can pick that out herself. I prefer shopping for the school stuff when the kid isn’t with me. She’s fussy and has expensive taste. I like a bargain. The sales were good at Staples so I stocked up. After that we decided maybe DQ might be the perfect way to end our evening so we headed off to grab a cone. We get there to see the people are lined up 25 deep and there is 22 cars in drive thru. Um. Yeah. No. We went to the grocery store instead and grabbed some boxed cones. LOL!! We sat in our jammies and ate out ice cream and watched Ghosts Of Mars with Jason Statham when we got home. The movie was ghastly but it was a great date. 😀

Anyhoo…. time for the next part of Summerfling as promised

Summerfling Element 1

You can grab your download here:

I’ll try and have the next bit posted on Monday 😉 Have a great weekend!!

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Summerfling Part 2

Posted on 5th August 2013 in Freebie

The problem with going out of town for two days is that I am now about 5 days behind schedule in everything else. ROFL!!

Here’s part two of my Summerfling freebie.


You can grab the solid papers here:

The next bit will be posted on Friday. 😉

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Summerfling Freebie!

Posted on 26th July 2013 in Freebie

I will admit I am guilty of being an electronic hoarder. LOL!

The stuff I have found on my external drive is mind boggling. I am currently in the process of sorting through and pitching from my CU stash. So far I have pitched over 6000 folders of textures and patterns. That’s just for papers. I haven’t even STARTED on the elements yet. Most of the stuff is freebies I have collected over the years. It makes me physically ill to realize that I bought and paid for some of the shit I am throwing out. What was I thinking?? Ugh…. Now I’m VERY fussy. I only purchase from one store and only from a handful of designers that I trust their quality. Lesson learned. LOL!

While sorting through those folders I discovered a folder containing two kits that I never gave away but intended too. That means it’s freebie time for you. 😉


This kit will come in 8 parts. Today I’ll start off with the patterned papers. 😉 You can grab it here:


(back to sorting through 40 different folders of elements…)

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Freebie time!

Posted on 19th May 2013 in Freebie

Don’t fall down now but I have a freebie for you! 😉 (playing around in Photoshop last night. Got sidetracked into a different color swatch so I bundles these up for y’all)


Download at Mediafire.

Enjoy your week! 😀

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