Lately I have been AWOL on my blog. I have good intentions but no energy to actually sit and type out thoughts.

Lately night shift has been kicking my ass only because I am surrounded by newbies. One of them has already quit. I find the whole nonsense stressful which affects my home life. I’m exhausted and not interested in much of anything lately. I have been dabbling a little bit in Photoshop but they are sporadic bursts at best.

I need a vacation to get away from work, get away from the rejects I get stuck with and to get away from the two members of this household who are on my last nerve. Supermom / Wonder Woman is about to go on strike…

5 thoughts on “A.W.O.L.

  1. chin up darlin’. It eventually gets better. Con’t know when or how but many people have told that it does. LOL!!!!

    • It will be better when I go to the Prior for a few days. Home cooking (not done by me), unwinding and kissing the face off of Al and Nicki’s baby boy (born 2 days ago). The 24th can’t come soon enough…

  2. Sorry your job sucks. I felt bad because I haven’t been by, but you haven’t been here either. Have a good week (do you get free coffee at work?)

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