Still alive!!

Posted on 18th June 2016 in Chattin'


I really should know better than to promise to update my blog more often. Today was the first time I’ve had a chance to touch base with KimB. in MONTHS, so I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone so to speak. 😛

We have been busy with work and Julie and her school projects and also this past month was prom. She and her boyfriend looked so nice and she looked so grown up. Ugh.

prom 2016

Next year is “her” prom, so there will be the long dress. I’m sure I will have a damn good cry. Again. LOL!! She’s been super busy with work and driving (that is scary for a parent) and the boyfriend. She’s got one more year of high school and then it’s six years of university to be a French teacher.

Not much is new around here to be honest. All we do it seems is work and truck Julz around to various school things, work things and other things. LOL!! Soon enough she’ll be driving on her own though, so I will tough it out as a taxi until then. 😛 I’m down to four night shifts a week for the summer (by choice). For me the extra day off is worth the drop in pay. Being able to have a little bit of a social life is a bonus too. I’m getting too old to recover completely from nights. It really kicks my butt. More so now than before.

I’ve been busy doing some spring cleaning this weekend and have to get back into it, but before I go, I DID remember to grab some pictures of Cheddar. He’s quite the lazy character. So much fun this boy!!

bed hog

bird bath

70 lb lap dog

Well that’s it for me. Hope everyone has a good weekend!! Mwah!!

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Sporadic blogging is right….

Posted on 22nd February 2016 in Chattin'

I dug my laptop out of the bottom of the coffee table this morning and noticed I hadn’t blogged since the end of December. Well that is just awesome. NOT.

I had put the laptop away after I HAD to clean the living room as company was coming. Two months later….the living room is tidy, but I am way behind on everything digital. Ha! I logged into one email account and discovered there were over 390 emails in there , so I just deleted everything without looking at anything, otherwise I would still be here days later. Here’s hoping there was nothing earth shattering. My website has been renewed for another two years so I think I’m good….I didn’t notice an email from the company I buy hosting from. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. 😛

We have managed to slog through the last of the drywall and painting in the utility room part of the basement. Hubby also decided to paint the concrete floor because the paint spatters were bothering him. It looks nice and fresh down there. Last night he installed the trim so we can FINALLY start moving the exercise equipment back to where it belong and start putting the enormous collection of tools away. This summer he is hoping to start construction on his workshop (it really is never ending here). He retires in 8 years and wants the shop built and set up for his retirment dream of building custom kitchen cabinets and furniture. He loves to fart around with wood and would be out in the shop all day if he could. Just him and the dog… A few years ago he inherited his uncle’s collecction of tools from his shop and they have been in storage since his passing. He’s getting the itch to bring them home and tinker. I’m looking forward to it as well, mostly to be able to clean out the garage and put a vehicle in there. We have been in this house for 20 years and have never been able to put a car in there. We had a snowmobile in there one winter but that didn’t last long.

We had a lovely quiet weekend. No renos….no cleaning…no company. It was perfect. 😉 It was our 19th wedding anniversary yesterday, so I took the night off of work and we just relaxed for the day and went out to our favorite restaurant, Montana’s, for dinner. Nothing like a feed of BBQ’d dead cow to fill your gut and make you fall asleep on the couch for 9 hours. LOL!!! Lovely and quiet and filled with laughter as we reconnected and reminisced. No matter what we have struggled through over the years, he can make me laugh like no one else I’ve met. 😛

Well I guess that is all the scoop for now. Winter is quiet and boring for us. Too gray and dismal this year. We haven’t had very much snow this year, so we haven’t been out on the snowmobiles this year. Even the dog isn’t in the mood for walks in the bush.

Here’s hoping spring is soon around the corner. I’m itching to plant some flowers and smell freshly cut lawn. If we aren’t going to get snow, then I want green grass….

Wishing everyone a wonderful week! Chat soon!

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Peace and quiet

Posted on 27th December 2015 in Chattin'

Hello there!!

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and that Santa was good to you and your family!!

Our Christmas was lovely and quiet. I was awake stupid early (like 4:45 am early), and patiently waited for the other two to wake up so we could get the Christmas gifts opened. LOL! I am worse than a kid on Christmas Day. I had to wait until after 8 before the humans were moving. Ugh. In that time, I had the turkey and the ham in the oven, some of the veggies were pre-cooked and some of the laundry was done. I had also consumed two pots of coffee and I was WIRED for sound. 😛

I got some lovely goodies this year. My daughter spoiled me and bought me something I have been lusting after every time I walk into Sephora but can never justify spending the money on myself.


I gave her shit for spending that money on me but she stuck her tongue out and told me to suck it. LOL! I am thrilled  with my special gift.

This year my husband did something different and actually filled a stocking for me. I always fill one for them but this year there was actually one for me that I didn’t fill myself. (for me the stocking is the best gift of all. Little surprises are the best.) He went out and bought  a huge stocking and stuffed all my gifts in the sock. It was so much fun!! Some of the goodies inside were:


Red flannel onesie (because I live in my jammies. There were also a pair of slippers)


Wrinkle cream ( I have been teasing him about this ever since I opened it.)


Frangelico for my coffee. Also lovely over ice. 😀


A box with four Calvin Klein perfumes. I love these perfumes but again, would never buy them for myself.


A new Pandora charm for my bracelet. I collect Santas too so I really tickled he paid attention. LOL!!

We had the goodies opened and breakfast was on its way to be consumed shortly thereafter, and hdd the rest of the day to chill out, relax in our pajamas and slurp on coffee, Baileys and Frangelico. Julie’s boyfriend came, in his pj’s, to spend the day with us and he fit right in like a dirty shirt. We feasted on too much food and noshed on a container of lovely home made treats that his mom had sent over. (the egg nog cookies were my favorite and in close second was boterkoek which is a delicious Dutch butter cake.)

All in all it was lovely and quiet. So relaxing. Just us four and two bloated and farting animals. It was perfect.

Today I actually slept in until 8am and then started tearing down the Christmas clutter. I got one Christmas tree stripped of all its decorations. I will box it all up tomorrow. The upstairs tree I will do as well. I am looking forward to getting rid of all the clutter and having a clean house again.

It’s back to work for me tomorrow night. I am working on New Year’s Eve as usual, so I will have to put up with the drunks. Yay me.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!! I will see you again in 2016!


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Posted on 13th December 2015 in Chattin'

I must be getting Humbug-ish in my old age…

One of my favorite things to do during December, is drive around town and look at all the Christmas lights on people’s home. It puts me in a festive mood. So many colors and the more of them, the better.

My daughter and I were bombing around a survey in the city last night on our way back from the mall and we were eyeing up all the lights when we came upon a house with those inflatable lit things. LOL!! I’m not usually a fan of them to begin with but I get why people use them. Instant decorations. What boggled my mind is “festive” Star Wars, dinosaurs (Really?) and Minions…..

I don’t know if it’s just me or not but Minions drive me NUTS and I don’t understand what is festive about the things.


Same can be said for dinosaurs and Star Wars. I understand there is a new Star Wars movie coming out but I don’t get why it has to be a Christmas decoation. LOL!!

Is it just me or am I getting Scrooge-y in my old age?

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Gettin festive!!

Posted on 5th December 2015 in Chattin'

Good morning!!

It’s 5:53am here. Stupid early but I am enjoying coffee in peace and quiet with the cat on my lap by the lights of the Christmas tree. It’s so peaceful….

This is hands down my favorite time of the year. I am ahead of the game this year for a change too. I’d say 85% of the gifts are bought (mind you this Christmas will be smaller as we spent a ton of money on the basement.) The house is sort of decorated too. I opted to NOT put out the majority of the festive clutter this year. Instead I chose to DE-clutter by pitching a tub full of decorations I never use. The closets are  a work in progress. You don’t realize how much crap you have until you decide to pitch it. I opted to not even bother sorting it either, otherwise I will nevr get rid of anything so it all went in the dumpster. All the craft crap, clothes, stuff I’ve just shoved in the cold cellar (saving it for when Julz goes to college…I’ve been saving shit for 20 years. Ha!). I threw out a ton of stuff and more will be going. Good therapy. It was hard at first but it got a lot easier.

Julie and her boyfriend decorated the trees for me this year. They did the upstairs tree in white and silver and the downstairs tree is covered in all my homey collections.


(ignore her traditional pose in front of the tree. I tease her that it looks likes she’s going for a dump in the woods.) LOL!! In this house, the elf hats are mandatory for tree decorating. This is the first year I have allowed balls on the tree. It’s my quirk. I hate them but on the this tree I’m good with it. LOL!!

We are a little weird around here. 😛


This one has no “balls” on it. Every year I get a new ornament. I love snowmen and Santas most of all. My husband collects Nutcrackers. They are all on there.

So far the cat has left everything alone. Just watch. Now she will play hockey with everything she can pull down. I should have kept my mouth shut perhaps. 😛

I still have wrapping to do but there isn’t much to wrap. Mostly it’s stocking stuffers and I don’t wrap those. The only thing left to get are a pair of jammies for my daughter from the animals. I’m heading out today to grab those. Christmas cards are done and mailed. I’m doing very little baking this year. All we do is eat it….and then I have to remake the goodies. I will do a few of our favorites and freeze them but that is it.

Well that is the scoop for this week (holy crap. Two posts in a month?! LOL!!)

Here’s wishing everyone a great week!!


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Still alive

Posted on 14th November 2015 in Chattin'


Updating my blog this morning and realized my last post was at the end of May. Whoops.

There has been so much going on in my life that I haven’t had time to stop and blog. (or be on the computer for that matter). We have been busy renovating the basement. We have lived here for 19 years and have just got it done. Other priorities. Lack of money. LOL!! Anyway this is what we have been busy doing for the last two years….


We tore out the chimney, put in a new hi efficiency furnace and oil tank; fixed the foundation and gutted the basement and all the panelling. We started off with a blank slate. This slab is where the old oil tank used to sit. It is now the new bathroom.




My new heated Jacuzzi tub. My favorite place to unwind with a glass of wine. 😉


Shower for two with rainhead, body jets and place to sit to shave my legs. So far I’m the only one who has used the shower downstairs. Fine by me… I licked it. It’s mine!! 😛


We finished the basement off with a ton of insulation (floor to ceiling), drywall, trim, paint, a fireplace and hand scraped bamboo floors.


The results are gorgeous. Two years of back breaking labour, curse words and more curse words, callouses and stress. It’s worth it though. That basement is now the warmest part of the house. Three weeks ago we finished the house off and insulated the entire attic. Bloody messy job but the house is warm and we were able to lower the thermostat because we were all complaining it was too hot. LOL!!

Now that construction is done I can finally CLEAN. It’s so dusty. Everywhere….

There is still a Murphy bed to build but that will be a winter project to putter away on. The basement will eventually become our master bedroom. Quiet and peaceful. It helps that the dog is too afraid to go downstairs so the bed won’t be hogged by anything other than myself. 😛

Well that is it for now. I’m going to get back to fixing my computeer. We were hacked a few months back and the hackers got personal information and a slew of other things that they had no business getting into. As a result, we cancelled our debit and credit cards and the computer was wiped and we are starting over. Wiping the slate clean electronically.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Will pop in again sometime soon, I promise.

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Gorgeous weather…to blog?

Posted on 30th May 2015 in Chattin'


It’s stinkin’ hot outside. Sunny and fabulous outside. However…it is also humid as all hell and I’m sitting inside , nice and cool with the fans going, blogging.

Weirdo is me. LOL!!

Whatever. I’m over it. 😛

It’s been a crazy busy month here as usual. My daugher is almost done Grade 10 and is swamped down with ISU’s, studying and exams in two weeks. She’s also been everywhere with three school trips and dance rehearsals for the end of year recital in three weeks. Add into the mix her part time job and my working nights and it makes for a very hectic schedule. Some weeks we don’t see each other very much but manage to keep in touch by text daily.

My mom had major surgery last week so I have been driving my brother nuts with texts for news and updates as my father cannot figure out mom’s cellphone. LOL!! She’s home and on the mend but it will be six weeks before she’s back to her old self. She will feel better next week I’m sure when she gets all the staples out.

What else is new? Lots of progress going on in the bathroom reno. The tiling is 90% done and now I have to pick a paint color. It looks pretty but I am really anxious to get this done and get the damn mess in the basement cleaned up. It’s been two year of chaos and dust from the first day he started tearing out the chimney. *rolling eyes*

I’m in the middle of installing Photoshop on my laptop so I’m looking forward to playing and regaining some peace and sanity. It’s been a long two years since I have created anything and I have missed it terribly.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Off to take the punk to work!!

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Spring (finally)

Posted on 3rd May 2015 in Chattin'

Holy Mother Nature took her own sweet time showing up this year. We had a snowfall two weeks ago. Thankfully it only lasted a few hours but it was enough to give everyone a heart palpitation or two. 😛 This past weekend has been simply gorgeous. LOTS of warm sunshine, lawn mowing, birds and plenty of spring cleaning. I did the house yesterday. Furnace off, windows open and tunes cranked. It was lovely. Today I’ll finish it up by washing the windows and then pulling the weeds out of the garden to get ready for new stuff on Mother’s Day. I’m ready for bright colors and for my mood to improve. LOL

My punk is working all weekend and so is the husband so I basically have the house to myself. Seriously wonderful. Haha! Dog is asleep in the sun outside and the cat is passed out inside after ingesting a ton of catnip. A perfect Sunday if you ask me. 😉

I’ve cleaned up various computers and deleted a ton of stuff from them. I still haven’t installed Photoshop on this laptop. Not sure I’m going to. As much as I miss designing, I don’t miss the aggravation I get here at home when I open the laptop. It has now become a hobby I do when home alone (which is rarely). Oh well.

That being said I have no interest in being on the computer today. Too nice of a day to stay indoors. Time to clean the windows and get a sunburn. Ha!

Have a good week!!

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Hanging head

Posted on 8th March 2015 in Chattin'

I’m sort of hanging my head in shame here. It’s been almost two months since my last blog post here.

I have thought of blogging but that is as far as I got. There’s been a huge amount of personal turmoil  going on, none of which I feel like sharing at the moment , so blogging didn’t really interest me. I have been busy with work and going out with friends and chauffering my daughter back and forth to work. I haven’t had time to play in Photoshop and to be truthful I haven’t even installed it on my new laptop yet. I haven’t really felt to itch to either. When I do get the urge to play, it’s when my hubby is on a weekend of night shifts which is one weekend a month. I really enjoy the peace and quiet then. And the bed to myself. And the remote to myself. Haha.

I will in all probability be moving to Blogger because my website and hosting will soon be due and the cost to keep it running is ridiculous for the amount I use it. When I make the move, I will keep you updated to the link. Not that anyone really reads this one anyway. 😛

Well I’m off to make a pot of coffee to start my day and try to un-clutter the dining room a little. It seems to be the “catch-all” room lately.

Have a peaceful week!!

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Chit chat

Posted on 20th January 2015 in Chattin'


Not much to chit chat about actually but I am trying to get back into the habit of blogging semi-regularly. Haha!

It’s been pretty quiet on the homefront recently. We have all been busy with work, basement renos (which are NEVER ENDING). Most of the drywall is up now so the basement is nice and toasty for the first time in 19 years that we have been here. Warmer down there than it is upstairs actually. Lol!! We still have a TON of work to do but it seems to be easier now that we don’t need to have 5 layers of clothing on now just to stay warm. The planning of the plumbing is in the works now. The rough plumbing is done but now he’s fiddling with the rest of it so we don’t have to shut the water off for long when the new water heater gets installed and the other nonsense that is sitting waiting to be installed. So for now there is miles of copper pipe to be hooked up and endless trips to the hardware store. Keeps him out of my hair anyway. Ha!!

As for me i’m seriously looking forward to this weekend. Not only is hubby on night shift (haha), but I am going out for dinner on Friday night with the girls to celebrate a birthday and then on Saturday night they are all coming here again for girl’s night which means ugly jammies, appetizers and the cocktail of the night which will be Jack Frost.


I’m usually not a huge fan of “slushy” drinks (I prefer on ice) but it will be fun none the less getting hammered and noshing on food. One of the husbands is the DD so we can just kick back and get silly until the wee hours. We’ve been looking forward to this for six weeks now. There will be a crock pot of meatballs, dips, jalapeno poppers and fresh marinara, stuffed mushrooms, pizza bread, parmesan tortellini poppers and for dessert there will be cake batter cheesecake (because we can’t get together without a cheesecake involved).CAN’T WAIT. 😀

Julz has been busy with work at here part time job, studying for exams (starting this week) and yesterday she had a full mouth of braces installed. Her mouth hurts like a bugger. She’s hungry as hell but it hurts for her to open her mouth so for the next few days she’s sucking back protein shakes and soups through a straw. She has to go back to the orthodontist tomorrow morning as one of her brackets has popped off already. We were home less than a half hour yesterday when she noticed that. Ugh. It will take a few days for her gums to toughen up around the brackets so for now she’s raw and crabby. I remember those days well and all I can do is offer comfort, Advil and soft squishy food that can be sucked through a straw. LOL!!

Now you asked for a recent pic of Cheddar. Well here’s two of the woolly bugger. LOL!


He’s so shaggy but he’s so cute like this. We are putting off shaving him because it’s still pretty cold and he needs something to keep his butt warm.

Here he is on Christmas Day at my mom’s….


All turkey and gravy’d out… (cracks me up every time I look at that shot..)

Well that’s all the news for now.

Hope everyone is having a great week and I will touch base soon!!

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